Zilliqa (ZIL) Skyrockets 385% in the Weeks Leading to Metapolis Launch 

Zilliqa (ZIL) Skyrockets 385% in the Weeks Leading to Metapolis Launch 

Zilliqa – a scalability-focused DeFi blockchain – is seeing its cryptocurrency skyrocket leading up to the Metapolis launch this month. ZIL is up nearly 5X over the last two weeks, rising from $0.041 to $0.2 as of Friday.

  • Zillqa leverages a layer 2 scaling solution known as “sharding”, which partitions a blockchain network into “shards” to spread out transaction workload. This method is currently being tested by Ethereum.
  • Meanwhile, Metapolis is a metaverse-as-a-service offering that offers clients a blank slate on which to develop their own metaverses. Metapolis will be powered by the Zillqa blockchain.
  • “Zilliqa built Meta city and called it Metapolis,” tweeted Zillqa on Wednesday. This is the big secret which will be revealed this April 2nd at the event in Miami.”

  • Meta – formerly Facebook – also teased being involved with the project in January. The company has transitioned towards adopting and promoting the “metaverse” concept – a future world where our virtual lives consume us more than our real ones.
  • The Metapolis launch event will go live on Saturday in Miami. This is just days before the largest ever Bitcoin conference begins in the same city. 
  • Sandra Tlibe – Head of Metaverse and NFT at Zillqa – suggested that JPMorgan may have already established a plot of land in Metapolis. 
  • “Metapolis will allow conceptually-rich and custom-designed domes as part of cities that can house brands, artists, concepts, games, e-stores, real estate or other digital experiences,” reads a blog post from Zillqa on the project. 


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