Ukraine NFTs Airdropped to Ethereum Donations

Ukraine NFTs Airdropped to Ethereum Donations

34,000 ethereans that donated to Ukraine have received an NFT airdrop to commemorate their support for the European nation.

Out of those, a lucky 3,000 have received an extra NFT as a thank you for supporting Ukraine.

The bigger one is Pepe the frog (pictured) crying at being rugpulled out of a promised token airdrop.

“On 3/2/22, Ukraine promised an airdrop to all donors for the Ukrainian effort. On 3/3/22, we were all rugged by the Nation State of Ukraine. This is an airdrop commemorating that. All revenue from secondary sales will go to supporting Ukraine,” says the Rugged by the Nation State of Ukraine NFT project.

Making it a funny joke to ease the disappointment at not getting what could have been a sweet token airdrop with it unclear why it was pulled out. Maybe IMF intervened or who knows.

Ukraine NFTs Airdropped to Ethereum Donations

The second project is more elaborate. They’ve dropped 3,000 NFTs made of prominent Ukrainians. The Figures of Ukraine NFT project says:

“This is a collection to celebrate figures of Ukraine: those who made its history, those who made Ukraine shine internationally and those who are still in Ukraine, living its current fate from within.

We referenced some of the 3000 most known figures of Ukraine thanks to Wikipedia, and we’ve sent cards randomly to people who donated to Ukraine, across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom blockchains!

10% of each sale is taken as a commission: 70% of it is going to Ukraine’s crypto address; 30% of it is given to us, so we can fund actions to help refugees out of Ukraine, talk about the project even more, and develop new ideas.

Splitting of royalties is managed by an OpenZepplin contract that has been deployed on Polygon.”

Neither project has seen many sales, but we’ve got that footballer pictured above, Ihor Levchenko.

He’s just 21 and we don’t know where he is, whether in Ukraine or has left, but he’s definitely on our blockchain and specifically on our address as Trustnodes donated a small amount to test-run the process.

Ukraine’s crypto donation address has now received 8,278 eth in total, worth $29 million.

That’s about as much as it was after they announced no token airdrop, so missing an opportunity to continue gaining international retail financial support through token speculation which would have probably kept the matter running for a lot longer as tokenization opportunities can be endless.

But, they are in the midst of a war, so maybe the token airdrop happens once the war is over to fund some reconstruction, maybe a tech fund or maybe even a crypto fund to invest in blockchain startups or whatever else they can dream.

For now, we get a footballer and a pepe which is good enough for supporting their efforts towards peace.


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