TooNFT Looks to Lead Webtoon Industry into Web3 via Toomics Ecosystem

TooNFT Looks to Lead Webtoon Industry into Web3 via Toomics Ecosystem

Anyone who has been paying attention to the world recently would know that TooNFT is at the precipice of inevitable change. This change will involve going from the tried-and-test centralized way of doing things to the new and innovative decentralized method, one that does not involve any intermediaries or middlemen. As such, one industry in particular that could greatly benefit from this shift is the online webtoon and comic sector.

TooNFT — A Blockchain-Based- Webtoon Platform

The newly released blockchain-based webtoon platform TooNFT seeks to revolutionize the market and bring decentralization to the traditional industry through the ecosystem of Toomics. After years of providing its readers with all kinds of webtoons, comics, and manga works, Toomics grew to become the third biggest webtoon platform in South Korea.

In conjunction with this leading webtoon company, TooNFT has now begun the slow shift to a new decentralized age of blockchain-based apps. The overarching goal here is to bring in a new level of acceptance for the IPs that are effortlessly included via the NFT standards. Toomics is one of the top webtoon stations with more than 60 million users, 22 million MAU, and over 10 billion page views.

By utilizing all the perks and benefits of the Toomics Ecosystem, TooNFT is getting ready to revolutionize the webtoon sector by fixing the most immediate problems. This will be done through blockchain technology development and innovations as well as by bringing the permissionless platform to a more mainstream audience.

What is TooNFT?

TooNFT is the first decentralized app built atop Toomics’s respective network with the primary purpose of providing the webtoon sector with independence and exposure. TooNFT’s purpose is to create a decentralized marketplace by identifying and resolving market issues for online comic and webtoon fans. Moreover, the app creates a transparent payment system that motivates and supports different content creators.

TooNFT is therefore a new sort of platform with fundamental features specifically developed to fill a market need for the webtoon community. The team is developing a platform that will include a content subscription service, community building features, and content selection reliant on votes from the project’s governance DAO system. Furthermore, it includes a fully transparent profit-sharing scheme along with NFTs for content distribution.

Power to the people

The whole essence of decentralization is based on bringing power back to the people and not letting one singular authority dictate everything. With that in mind, content selection shall originate at the discretion of the team itself and move to be determined by votes in the DAO architecture through decentralized governance. Stakeholders that create, distribute, and ultimately absorb NFT-related content will get a share of the NFT system’s profits as well as a profit-sharing plan.

As if that weren’t enough, TOON tokens are used to power all of the TooNFT platform services. As a result, the TOON token will act as the primary unit, granting access to all TooNFT ecosystem features and services. In this way, TOON token holders may use their tokens to participate in governance activities and gain attractive incentives, which is another reason why TooNFT is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day.

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