Shiba Inu Invited To Work With The World Economic Forum

Shiba Inu Invited To Work With The World Economic Forum


Shytoshi KUSAMA, lead developer of the popular Shiba Inu memcoin, revealed that the World Economic Forum (WEF) wants to work alongside the popular crypto project on its Global Metaverse (MV) policy. Kusama conducted a poll on Twitter to see if the Shiba Inu community would like to partner with the WEF. At the time of writing, about 5,000 votes were submitted, and the vast majority of followers were in favor of such cooperation.

The Shiba Inu Protocol entered the metaverse by introducing “Shiba Lands” back in February 2021. Earlier this month, SHIB: The Metaverse unveiled a new art concept called Dunes. Last month, it also unveiled its first art concept, The Canyon, inspired by badlands, a dry area without plants and with big rocks.

With its much-hyped metaverse project, Shiba Inu is trying to prove that it is more than memcoin, which has been brought into the spotlight due to hype and speculation. The Shiba Inu team has reportedly joined forces with The Third Floor (TTF), the most famous visualization company that has worked with Marvel, to develop its metaverse.

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