Second Round Of Terra Classic Lottery Burns 7.93M LUNC While Winner Getts 18M Coins

Second Round Of Terra Classic Lottery Burns 7.93M LUNC While Winner Getts 18M Coins


Terra Rebels burn 7.9 million Terra Classic (LUNC).

Terra Rebels Burn 7.93M LUNC After Second Round Of Terra Classic Lottery Game.

The second round of the Terra Rebels lottery game has ended with the winner going away with 18.3 million Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and the Rebels sending 7.9 million LUNC to the burn wallet, according to a tweet from Terra Rebels admin ClanMudhorn yesterday.

It brings the total amount of LUNC burned by the game to about 18.5 million LUNC in two rounds. The Crypto Basic reported that the game burned over 10.5 million LUNC after the previous round.

For the uninitiated, the independent Terra Classic developer group launched the game about two weeks ago. It is the first decentralized application that the Terra Rebels have built on the Terra Classic network.

New details reveal that the game has gone through a rebranding process since it first launched. Notably, the game’s theme now depicts a mission to the moon. Developers have changed the name from “Terra Rebels Lottery Game” to “Terra Rebels Moonshot.” Additionally, game rounds are now “Missions, ” participants are called “Astronauts,” the prize money is called “fuel,” and tickets are called “Moon tickets.”

However, despite the rebranding, details from the Terra Rebels Discord show that the modalities of the game remain the same. Moon tickets cost 5000 LUNC, a little above $0.93 at current prices, with each mission lasting seven days. Notably, the game sends 60% of the pool to the winner and 26% to the burn wallet.

Community members excited by the project have started making suggestions to make things more interesting.

For example, one user noted that the Rebels could issue the tickets for the lottery as NFTs to participants, so they get something as a reward for participating even if they don’t win. At the same time, another added that the game could also have different modes with varying time limits for each round. For example, people with less patience could opt for a 24 hours round, while people who want to stand a chance to win more could opt for a month-long round.

Mission 3 has already started, and LUNC community members can participate by navigating to the “DAPPS” tab on the official Terra Rebels website, according to a tweet by reXx of the Terra Rebels yesterday.


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