PUBG Maker to Build Video Games, NFTs on Solana Blockchain

PUBG Maker to Build Video Games, NFTs on Solana Blockchain

Krafton Inc., the creator behind the popular video game franchise, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Solana Labs to build blockchain-based games and NFT services. Under the partnership deal, the two companies will collaborate in the marketing and design of blockchain games, NFTs, and other blockchain technologies including jointly cooperating on investment opportunities.

“We are pleased to share the future of games with Krafton, a company that brought innovations to the gaming industry,” Johnny Lee, the head of Games Business Development at Solana Labs added.

The partnership might lead to the integration of Krafton’s games on the Solana blockchain, which could allow players to make in-game transactions with cryptocurrencies such as Solana’s own native token SOL including the use of NFTs in the game.

Krafton’s Foray Into the Web3 Space

While Krafton did not reveal any timeline on what development plans it has in store, the company said last month that its plans to get into the web 3.0 and NFT businesses based on its game development capability and operation experience acquired from PUBG. Since then, the company announced a string of collaborations from other fields related to NFT, metaverse and blockchain, namely online auction space Seoul Auction Blue Co., digital art platform XXBlue, and the metaverse platform Naver Z.

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