ProprHome Partners With Ripple To Modernize Portugal’s Real Estate Industry

ProprHome Partners With Ripple To Modernize Portugal's Real Estate Industry


ProprHome has partnered with Ripple to provide customers with new ways to buy, sell and rent property in Portugal. According to the announcement, ProprHome will use Ripple’s XRP Ledger and NFT to provide faster, energy efficient and low cost transactions for property buyers and sellers.

Through ProprHome’s partnership with Ripple and its utility NFTs, the company will offer various types of tokens, starting with digital property certificate tokens dubbed DOC. DOC tokens will be issued to clients who wish to buy or rent property using ProprHome. The token will help clients bypass the time-consuming and complex verification and approval process required to own real estate.

In addition, the token will provide home buyers and renters with access to various utilities, including electricity, water, telecommunications, etc. Going forward, ProprHome will also issue Propr (PRP), a form of reputational currency that developers, owners, and agents can earn and exchange.

Image: The Market Periodical


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