Novatti Successfully Launched Its AUDD Stablecoin

Novatti Successfully Launched Its AUDD Stablecoin


Novatti has successfully launched its own AUDD stablecoin with the intention of effectively addressing the growing need for a suitable digital currency for use in blockchain-focused applications. Last June, Novatti announced the availability of $AUDC on multiple blockchain networks, including the XRP Ledger, through partnerships with Ripple and Stellar.

The AUDD stablecoin was created to be fully integrable into the existing international payment network. In addition, it is capable of working with a wide range of blockchains. All this was driven by the need for the AUDD stablecoin to function properly in the payment ecosystem.

AUDD is compatible with other software products such as consumer digital wallets, branchless banking, mobile money, bill payment, money transfer services and voucher management systems that the company offers to customers in Australia, the US, Canada and other countries around the world. Novatti has engaged extensively with AUSTRAC, APRA and ASIC for regulatory purposes and intends to comply with all payment service provider regulations that are now in the process.

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