New Coin Inspired by Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Soars 10,000% in a Day

New Coin Inspired by Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Soars 10,000% in a Day

Memecoins are not a thing of the past. This received further proof in the past 24 hours with the creation of a new token called – Will Smith Inu. As you might suspect, it was inspired by the slap heard across the world.

  • It’s safe to say that the most memorable event during the 2022 Academy Awards was Will Smith’s unprecedented decision to slap the host – Chris Rock.
  • The latter made a somewhat inappropriate joke with Smith’s wife in regards to her decision to shave her head due to medical reasons, but what followed was a bit more inappropriate.
  • The star from the Bad Boys trilogy, King Richard, Men in Black, and many other blockbusters, went on the stage (shortly after being seen on camera laughing at Rock’s joke) and slapped the host. He went back to his seat, screaming that Rock should leave his wife’s name out of his (f-n) mouth.
  • Smith later won an Oscar and apologized to the crowd and the Academy for his actions. On the next day, he issued an apology to Chris Rock, who refused to file a police report against Smith.
  • The crypto community, being vigilant and original as always, was quick to pick up on the events and try to capitalize on them. Hours after the slap echoed around the world, a new coin emerged called Will Smith Inu.
  • It was available for trading on some DEXes, such as Uniswap, and its price had soared by 10,000% at one point. According to CoinMarketCap, it retraced after yesterday’s peak but is still trading around $0.00000045. The total supply is set at 1,000,000,000,000.
  • Nevertheless, there’re multiple warnings on Twitter indicating that this is the next trendy rug pull, and users should be wary before investing in it.

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