LUNC DAO Defends Do Kwon’s Stance With Terraform Labs

LUNC DAO Defends Do Kwon’s Stance With Terraform Labs


LUNC DAO, a crypto influencer and validator runner, took to Twitter to reprove the misunderstanding that the old LUNA community had with regard to Do Kwon’s stance during the Terra Form Labs Crash.

Specifically, LUNC DAO addressed one user who referred to Do Kwon as a surgeon passing over a dying patient to another patient as his experiment failed on the first patient. As a reply to the above comment, LUNC DAO stated,

Moreover, LUNC DAO shared a tweet to supplement their argument against the misunderstanding of the LUNC community on the whole.

Moreover, according to the tweet, “The first misunderstanding is that the old $LUNA community could have rebuilt themselves with $LUNC, or that Do Kwon/TFL somehow “abandoned” the $LUNC community.”

Furthermore, with regard to the notion that the community had about rebuilding themselves with $LUNC and Do Kwon abandoning the community, LUNC DAO commented saying:

This narrative is one of the common falsehoods circulating Twitter. It’s also the most heartless+dumb

In addition, with regard to the first misunderstanding, LUNC DAO stated that the only way to preserve the community was to create a new chain that fairly reflected the prior distribution. This was reflected in Kwon’s hard fork, where he renamed the currency to LUNA.

With regard to abandonment, LUNC DAO stated that there is no “abandonment.” Furthermore, it stated, “ There is no “war.” $LUNA is not in competition with $LUNC.”

Additionally, they mentioned that it is the community of people who lost the most time, money, and emotional investment in building and investing in what is now $LUNC.


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