LunaFi Announces First Gamified Initial DEX Offering (IDO) For Global Participants

LunaFi Announces First Gamified Initial DEX Offering (IDO) For Global Participants

Founded by experienced bettors, LunaFi has announced a unique Initial DEX Offering (IDO) that incorporates a fun gamification mechanism into its platform. Known as “LunaFi Crash,” the game enables users to bet ETH and get LFI due to their wagers. The LunaFi rocket rises continually in the round-based match, at least until it crashes at random.

After the rocket launches, players may bet ETH and decide when to payout. At TGE, they will get a return on their wager in LFI if they predict right. But, of course, they’ll have to attempt again if the rocket smashes before they cash out.

Smart contracts are used to ensure that the game is fair and it aims to raise $500,000 in the first phase of the game, in which participants deposit just ETH. There will be a one-week window in which this phase is active. In addition, (BSC) and Polygon’s will host a traditional private sale. The IDO money will be available for withdrawal on April 15th, and LFI staking will be live.

After the first distribution and the deployment of liquidity to Quickswap, a second phase of the game will begin. Players that use ETH-LFI LP tokens to play will be able to collect LFI at a discount after five days. In a sense, this is a gamified kind of socializing.

George Porchester, CEO of LunaFi, said:

“We thought it would be fun to have our very own gamified IDO. No better way to showcase our platform right from the start. The LunaFi Crash game is the first Proof of Concept of how we can revolutionize gambling with crypto, but there will be more.”

Participants on LunaFi may earn commissions and the house edge by providing liquidity to bettors. Open smart contracts, and decentralized oracles are used to program bets and determine the result of each occurrence. There are no hidden fees or charges for liquidity providers, and all bets are settled in BTC, ETH, or USDC.


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