Liberland Becomes the First Country to Debut in the Metaverse

Liberland Becomes the First Country to Debut in the Metaverse


An abandoned land, founded in 2015, has been self-declared as the Balkan micronation of Liberland. This recently discovered land has emerged as the first-ever country to mark its debut in the metaverse.

Europe’s local news agency shared the news on their social platform:

Interestingly, Liberland will be the first nation built and inhabited in a virtual world before being realized in reality, even though it isn’t an officially recognized country. The foundation of the country was laid by the former Czech Member of Parliament, and the micronation’s current president — Vit Jedlička, and his partner Jana Markovicova.

Jedlička said in an official statement:

We are building a country that can serve as a good example for other countries. The biggest improvement is that, in Liberland, taxes are voluntary, and people are rewarded when they pay them

A spokesperson said that the aim of creating a virtual world is to create a space for its innumerable citizens to meet without having the need to travel with the help of Zaha Hadid Architects. Schumacher, the principal architect of Zaha Hadid, says that the metaverse will deliver vivid telepresence, co-location synergies, explorative browsing, immersiveness, and collective experiences.

Schumacher believes:

The metaverse is neither a game nor fiction. Virtual reality in the metaverse will be no less real than the physical reality in our cities

In Schumacher’s view, it appears it takes a new country without bloodshed to deal seriously with traditional architecture and to bring it into the de-architecture era.

In other news, Barbados has become the first sovereign nation to have established an embassy in the metaverse. Exactly a year ago, Barbados’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade signed an agreement to establish a digital embassy with Decentraland. The island country is preparing to establish an embassy in the metaverse in order to legally declare real estate in its sovereign land.


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