JD Malat Gallery and Artist Kojo Marfo Will Launch A NFT Collection This April

JD Malat Gallery and Artist Kojo Marfo Will Launch A NFT Collection This April

Non-fungible tokens are much more than investment vehicles for people chasing a quick profit. Instead, they are a new medium for artists to communicate and engage with an audience. Kojo Marfo, a world-renowned artist, will soon issue his NFT collection to highlight the technology’s potential. 

Kojo Marfo Receives High Praise Globally

The artist Kojo Marfo is based in London but is proud of his Ghanaian roots. He began developing an interest in art and visual culture from a young age. Primarily fascinated by Akan artifacts, carvings, and sculptures, these Ghanaian artifacts remain a source of inspiration for his artwork. In addition, highlighting Akan art to address social issues and other sensitive matters creates a powerful communication medium.

While there is a fair share of African culture in the art industry, its mainstream representation leaves something to be desired. Marfo wants to help the audience explore a self-referential perspective of the Black image through abstractions highlighting the beauty of Africa’s social and geographical aspects.  

Global interest in Kojo Marfo and his work picked up following the help of JD Malat Gallery. The renowned art gallery invited over 1,000 artists residing in Great Britain to showcase their work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marfo’s work received strong praise from everyone attending the event, allowing him to tap into a new audience and strike a chord with different people. 

Following his successful participation in the JD Malat Gallery event, Marfo traveled the world. His exhibitions have taken place in Turkey, Barcelona, China, and Miami. An upcoming show will bring his work to New York, one of the major art hubs of the world. Demand for Marfo’s work has skyrocketed, making it difficult for collectors to add pieces to their collections. However, that situation will soon change thanks to NFT technology.

The Kojo Marfo NFT Collection

With JD Malat Gallery, Kojo Marfo will launch an NFT collection on Ethereum. The “Strangers Collection” highlights Marfo’s appreciation for Pablo Picasso and Akan artwork. The collection spans unique artworks drawing from 250 unique attributes to create a global appeal and one-of-a-kind digital artwork. 

Kojo Marfo comments on the NFT collection:

“Rather than producing artwork likenesses of real people, my art is focused on figures from my dreams and childhood memories so that I can create characters removed from reality. I work in this way, not only to pay respect to the visual memories of my childhood that were rooted in Akan cultural images, but also because I wanted the themes explored in the strangers to be more accessible to the viewer.”

The “Strangers Collection” serves as a medium for Marfo to reach a new audience. Moreover, it signifies a strong link with physical artworks. The collection spans three crucial pillars: artistic vision, charity, and blending of the real and digital world. Marfo will donate a share of proceeds from the initial collection sale to a charity of choice. Kojo aims to support people in precarious situations, regardless of age, gender, or nationality. 

The “Strangers Collection” will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain throughout April 2022. More information on the collection’s launch will be unveiled on the official Twitter account. 

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