How the Watchers NFT Project is Disrupting the NFT, Blockchain, and Web 3 Eco-System

How the Watchers NFT Project is Disrupting the NFT, Blockchain, and Web 3 Eco-System

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Nothing pushes society forward quite like technological innovation and cultural movements. As technology advances, so too does human progress; every new technological innovation presents humanity with more opportunities to push societal progress forward as well as with more opportunities to maximize their individual potential. As new cultural movements arise, humanity’s understanding of itself and purpose evolves; every new cultural movement presents humanity with more opportunities to reimagine who they are and what we are capable of as a society. 

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, is a market-moving technological creation that marries the inventive blockchain technology with culturally significant artwork. Non-Fungible Tokens utilize the cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology to associate a completely transparent and permanent certificate of ownership and authenticity with each ‘token’ or piece of digital art minted on the blockchain. Colloquially, NFTs are more than just ‘digital art’ precisely because these digital works live inside the secure Ethereum blockchain thereby permanently logging a record of ownership associated with the artwork that cannot be altered; this record is completely transparent for anyone who wants to look.

Acting as a secure online logbook for the history of ownership and of subsequent transactions, the Ethereum blockchain is not only securing digital art, it is also creating a new market for these digital works as people are more likely to buy and sell NFTs due to the level of security surrounding ownership. Further motivating transactions, this technology also enables previous owners to make a percentage on all subsequent sales, partially due to this secure record of ownership. Further, the most popular NFT projects go beyond utilizing this technology for creating and selling digital art as they also cultivate community. With incentives to join these communities beyond the art and money, NFT projects typically give special offers of many kinds to the NFT owners. The most popular NFT projects also utilize online communication channels to truly foster a community of like-minded individuals. 

With over USD 40 billion worth of Ethereum transactions surrounding NFTs in 2021, the consumer demand for this innovative type of art is clearly here to stay. 

The Watchers NFT project is an exciting new NFT project honoring the spirit and original purpose of the NFT and blockchain technologies. Created by a group of experienced Web 3 artists, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors who truly care about the future and promise of this technology, the Watchers NFT project goes above and beyond the competition.

The team behind the Watchers NFTs project are not just creating aesthetically pleasing, creative, and fun artwork. The team is creating a group of ‘Watchers’ or ‘superhero’ style characters, all with a diverse set of features and styles (appealing to all demographics of society), as an homage to their mission of being ‘watchdogs’ for the industry.

The team behind the Watchers NFT project understands that, despite the transformational power of the technology, there are ‘bad actors’ in the NFT community who do not represent the community’s original values of transparency, privacy, and peer-to-peer communication. The team behind the Watchers NFT project plans to identify projects that are scams or do not represent these Web 3 values in order to help NFT enthusiasts avoid these projects; the Watchers team also plans to help individuals who fell prey to scams in the industry recover.

This is precisely why this team of experienced individuals — who care about the industry — are not only creating an NFT project which will embody these values, but they are also creating an NFT project where the actual artwork is meant to protect these values and where the community actively seeks out and protect others in the industry from these bad actors. In addition to this moral mission, the Watchers NFT project is disrupting the industry with other aspects of its innovative project roadmap.

The team behind the Watchers NFT project plan to release merchandise for their community, but with a twist. Understanding how many projects incorporate traditional merch drops, the Watchers NFT project is separating itself from the pack by actually minting their merch as NFTs as well. The Watchers NFT team is not only innovating in the space by making their community merchandise NFTs themselves, but they also plan to use their merchandise as a stepping stone to launch a clothing brand, further driving up the value of the community and the NFTs. Continuing to emphasize the positive values of the Web 3 community, the Watchers NFT project will incorporate a DAO, Decentralized Autonomous Organization, giving community members a true voice in the future of the project. Watchers NFT owners will own a proportional percentage of the DAO meaning that the more NFTs someone owns, the greater percentage of the DAO they own. This allows individuals to make more money off of their Watchers NFTs without staking them. This is a great opportunity for the Watchers NFT owners and protects the future value of the token. 

This DAO will not only drive investment in new bluechip projects, but it will also drive investment in traditional companies outside of the NFT and Web 3 eco-system; this innovative decision to invest in both bluechip projects as well as in ‘IRL’ companies will create value for the Watchers NFT community by building connections and partnerships with companies in other industries. To ensure the success of future investments, the DAO will incorporate community votes as well as follow the leadership of an experienced core DAO team.

Moreover, in order to continue to emphasize their values and to be an example for the industry, the Watchers team is in the process of developing a social media platform so NFT owners can interact and connect over their shared values. With the plan of merging the positive aspects of NFT Twitter and Discord, this platform will be open to the public, but only Watchers NFT owners will be verified.

We are excited by the mission because the team behind the Watchers NFT project is perfectly equipped to actualize these goals from a technical perspective as well as from the cultural and community perspectives. Getting the bulk of his early experience in the NFT world as a part of various popular NFT projects, Aryan Chand joined forces with Krishnav Chopra to found the Watchers NFT project and truly deliver an innovative project for the community. In order to create the most exciting and creative artwork for their individual NFTs, the Watchers NFT team brought on Luis Labrador as their Art Director. As a pioneer in animation and visual effects, having won four Oscars (Spiderman 2, Frozen, Big Hero 6, &

Feast), Labrador puts the Watchers NFT team in a position to capture the hearts of the NFT community. With the help Ratan Kapoor, a serial entrepreneur and Web 3 investor with deep roots in the industry, the Watchers NFT team is intent on delivering on their innovative project roadmap for the NFT community.

Illustrating their commitment to making a difference in the world at large, the Watchers NFT team is pledging to donate a percentage of their proceeds to humanitarian relief for citizens of Ukraine. Making use of Ukraine’s innovative crypto fund, the Watchers NFT team is planning to donate around USD 40,000 to the Ukrainian government to start as well as donate 10% of their DAO to charitable efforts.

We are excited about the future of the Watchers NFT Project. They are watching.


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