HeroMaker Studios and the Future of Character Franchises, or How Web3 is Redefining Storytelling for Creators and Fans

HeroMaker Studios and the Future of Character Franchises, or How Web3 is Redefining Storytelling for Creators and Fans

The metaverse, Web3, and enabling technologies like DAOs, NFTs, and smart contracts have created a massive landscape of opportunity. Individuals, collectives, and companies are tapping into these technologies, reinventing how we form communities and exchange value.    The challenge is that this is the prime time to be on the cutting edge, but Web3 is still hard to understand at face value. Worldwide, the vast majority of Internet users have no idea what an NFT is, much less how to safely buy one. Even those familiar with NFTs can have trouble determining a quality, high-integrity project and can fall prey to cash grabs and rug pulls.   And that’s just on the consumer and collector side. Creators moving into Web3 are quickly discovering the limitations of bringing old mindsets into this new frontier.

These unique opportunities drove Gareb Shamus and an all-star team to co-found and launch HeroMaker Studios, a Web3 platform that connects creators, fans, and collectors with a metaverse of all-new superheroes, comic books, and digital collectibles.    “NFTs are so much more than making a beautiful piece of art,” Shamus continued. “They’re also about allowing everyone to participate in the success of a creative idea across its lifecycle, and even in perpetuity. Web3 gives us the power to include people at every step. Never before have creators been able to express themselves and launch their ideas in such a powerful way.”    “Web3 beneficiaries are the people who can be the most creative and inclusive,” said Shamus. “Right now, some creators play mechanical games to get more collectors to buy and sell so prices appreciate. Someone will always offer something more and better and new.”    This week, HeroMaker Studios launched Kumite, its first character series, with an NFT collection of 9,600 generative superheroes and villains. These characters will be featured in a forthcoming comic book, game, and merchandise – all driven by the community.     It’s one of many original character franchises HeroMaker Studios will launch in 2022, building on partnerships with some of the largest names in NFTs, bestselling authors, and A-list actors.    The big goal? To create the metaverse’s largest playground for people to create and engage with original characters, whether it’s through NFTs, games, toys, movies, merchandise, or digital and print comic books. HeroMaker Studios is building the core infrastructure and community so that anyone, anywhere can launch a creative idea into their own character franchise and share it with the world.   Shamus has a 30-year track record of predicting massive cultural opportunities, influencing over a billion people in the process. As the founder and former CEO of Wizard Entertainment, Shamus published the comic book industry’s most influential magazine and grew Comic Con from a small fan event to an international phenomenon.    To bring Heromaker Studios to life, Shamus assembled a team of superheroes from the entertainment industry: 

  • Co-founder Scott Donnell is a serial entrepreneur with a deep background in franchise building and technology. He’s the founder of Hapbee Technologies, GravyStack, and Apex Leadership Co., a Franchise 500 company that produces character IPs for millions of students nationwide annually. 
  • John Nee, Head of Global Publishing, is the founder of Cryptozoic and a former executive of Marvel and DC Comics, where he led business development, operations, worldwide licensing, and global comic book sales. 
  • Sandi Isaacs, Chief Marketing Officer, is a veteran executive with a track record of launching global IPs into emerging and untapped platforms, with past stints at Paramount Pictures, Activision, and Disney Interactive.
  • Anwar Hussein, Chief Technology Officer, is a hands-on tech entrepreneur with a passion for taking innovative, user experience-driven, globally scalable systems from concept to launch.  
  • Clark Huggins, Art Director, is a proven illustrator and artistic leader whose work has appeared in magazines, gaming properties, and shows for MTV, SyFy, Nickelodeon, and Mattel. He also created RECKLESS DECK, an idea-generating card deck series for creative professionals, which is now a part of HeroMaker Studios.

  With all the transformation happening in the Web3 space, what won’t change? How can creators take advantage of this opportunity and stand out as Web3 grows?    Shamus says it all comes back to the connective power of great stories. “What creates longevity is the storytelling – the emotional connection between characters and stories and fans,” he told me. “As a byproduct, the more interest we drive in the people who engage with characters, the more that people will buy and collect – and this is what creates higher value.”   “Ultimately, we all look for opportunities to express ourselves fully with a community of people, do extraordinary things together, and benefit from our shared success,” adds co-founder Scott Donnell. “Our brains are wired to hear and remember stories. As a Web3 company, HeroMaker Studios is scaling the power of storytelling and aligning it with new business models that reward everyone involved.”


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