FOX’s Charles Gasparino Says XRP Community’s Hatred Of ETH Is Absurd

FOX’s Charles Gasparino Says XRP Community’s Hatred Of ETH Is Absurd


Gasparino has launched another perceived attack on the XRP community.

FOX Business senior correspondent Charles Gasparino has asserted that the XRP community hates everything associated with Ethereum.

The journalist who made this known in a tweet yesterday described this perceived hatred as absurd, as everyone he knows who is associated with Ethereum wants a Ripple win in the US Securities and Exchange Commission case.

Recall that in August, Vitalik Buterin asserted that no Ethereum holder should come to the defense of XRP, saying it had lost its “right to protection.” And last month, the Ethereum founder claimed that XRP was “completely centralized.”

At the same time, others, in response to Gasparino, threw jabs at the Ethereum network’s shortcomings.

It bears mentioning that this is the second time in recent months that the journalist has launched a perceived attack on XRP in defense of Ethereum. Less than 2 weeks ago, the FOX Business correspondent refuted claims of former SEC director Bill Hinman having a conflict of interest leading up to his declaration that Ethereum is not a security in his controversial 2018 speech. The journalist asserted that the XRP community is acting like conspiracy theorists and children by continuing to push this narrative.


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