Flow Blockchain’s Starly NFT Introduces NFT Staking

Flow Blockchain’s Starly NFT Introduces NFT Staking

Starly, an NFT marketplace has been introducing new products and services continuously. Recently, the NFT marketplace announced the possibility to stake Starly NFTs (non-fungible tokens).  Earlier this week, Starly the NFT marketplace shared an exciting and much-anticipated announcement on Twitter. https://twitter.com/StarlyNFT/status/1509501757864517639

Introducing NFT Staking

Each NFTs staking reward equals a card score from Starly’s utility token, $STARLY. A user cannot claim these utility tokens more than once a day. The potential to claim staking rewards depends on the token’s staking tiers which are categorized into four, as mentioned below. No Membership Tier: Can claim 2 tokens per day.  Silver Tier: Required 1000 staked tokens; can claim 10 per day Gold Tier: Required 10,000 staked tokens, can claim 100 per day.  Platinum Tier: Required 50,000 staked tokens, can claim 500 per day.  STARLY token holders can access multiple benefits such as advanced features and exclusive experiences. 


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