ETH Whale Just Bought 271 Billion Shiba Inu Worth $6.5M, Overall This Week Whales Accumulated 523 Billion Shib

ETH Whale Just Bought 271 Billion Shiba Inu Worth $6.5M, Overall This Week Whales Accumulated 523 Billion Shib

Three Ethereum Whales Accumulate 523.0 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB), worth 12.67 Million USD within This Week.

Ethereum whales continue to accumulate Shiba Inu (SHIB) aggressively amid the increase in SHIB use cases and the burning of tokens in play.

Since March 21st, in five days, three top Ethereum whale wallets have accumulated a whopping total of 523,398,811,224 (523.0B) SHIB tokens, worth $12,672,934 (12.67M).

As per WhaleStats data, the latest purchase was by the 207th biggest Ethereum whale that made one massive transaction and accumulated 271,370,420,630 (271.37B) Shiba Inu tokens for $6,542,740 (6.54M). Looking deep into the whales’ wallet, we found that this mysterious whale portfolio mainly comprises stable coins such as USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT), indicating that she may further continue accumulating different coins.

This week was one of the biggest in whales accumulation. On March 21st, the 4th biggest well-known ETH whale, “Tsunade,” was reported to gobble up 51,440,208,121 (51.44B) SHIB tokens in one significant transaction, for $1,185,696 ($1.18M) USD.

On March 24th, the 168th biggest whale of Ethereum recorded purchase of 200,588,182,473 (200B) Shiba Inu tokens, valued at $4,944,498 ($4.9M) in a single transaction.

Ethereum whales love to accumulate Shiba Inu because this most popular dog-themed cryptocurrency is undergoing many developments right now – especially it is experiencing an aggressive real-world use case with the help of new partnerships building up almost daily. Alongside use cases, there is some serious burning momentum building. The SHIB burn portal is being tested for its release, which will help every platform with a burning foundation and opportunity, except for Shiba Inu Games.

Shiba Inu x NOWPayments x Sorbillo x John Richmond x Welly:

Recently, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and LEASH were officially accepted as payment method via NOWPayments on all worldwide stores for Sorbillo, John Richmond, and the future Welly locations.

The news comes after NOWPayments added a new optional BURN feature for SHIB and LEASH. By using this feature, merchants will be able to burn a portion of the profits they receive in Shib or LEASH.

Latest SHIB Burning Record:

ShibaBurn, a new token, set a new record and took the SHIB burning to the next level. Through the scheduled Live Burn Event on March 22nd, the ShibaBurn-token had taken out 1 billion (1.0B) Shiba Inu tokens from circulation forever in just a single transaction.


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