Ertha Reveals Inter-Metaverse Mechanics With Moon Metaverse

Ertha Reveals Inter-Metaverse Mechanics With Moon Metaverse

Ertha has finally revealed the nature of its portals as interplanetary and inter-metaverse portals towards the Moon Metaverse. The portal NFTs have been scattered around Ertha, their purpose is a mystery until now. Additionally, the game’s passionate community had already spent over $60,000 on the NFTs before even knowing of its true purpose.

Moreover, these portals are set to increase the value of land surrounding each portal – whether on Ertha or Moon. This is due to the convenience of player and resource transportation. Therefore, these HEXs will be a place of high traffic, earning owners passive revenue from players who pay to travel through them.

Portals are among the rarest resources both on Ertha and Moon. They are also set to play an essential role in an ever-expanding solar metaverse. As a result, those interplanetary sources of income are in high demand.

The revelation of the portals’ nature follows recent news coming from Ertha. Recently, Ertha had a record-breaking sale of $120,000 for Rome and $59,00 for Tokyo. Additionally, a single buyer purchased the majority of Sweden for $50,000. The recent developments have been boosting Ertha’s profile.

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