Emissions Tracking Project Goes Live on Hedera as HBAR Stands Up $100M ESG Push

Emissions Tracking Project Goes Live on Hedera as HBAR Stands Up $100M ESG Push

Playing into the current trend for environmental, social and governance (ESG) technology, hashgraph consensus ledger Hedera is touting a “token visualization tool” to measure, report and verify the sustainability of everything from land-use projects to eco-friendly farming.

The Trustury interface and Guardian application, announced Friday by Meeco, a data privacy and digital identity specialist building on Hedera, also has the support of the HBAR Foundation, which recently launched a $100 million sustainable impact fund.

The project enables Hedera-based tokens to maintain a linked relationship to the roles, actors and data created by ecological projects that follow a science-backed methodology, according to a press release.

This allows for transparent communication to stakeholders, including governments and NGOs, with the full auditability of specific assets, it said.

“It’s a combination of work to identify actors and how they fit within ESG processes and mapping them to these processes,” Wes Geisenberger, VP of ESG at the HBAR Foundation, said in an interview.

The system comes with “privacy by design,” said Meeco CEO Katryna Dow, courtesy of some zero-knowledge proof technology layered on top.

This allows for different levels of access and visibility, depending on whether a user might be an auditor, or simply someone trying to make a decision about some product or service, said Dow.

“From a privacy point of view, you may not want to have all the information in terms of that address or location exposed,” she said.


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