CryptoRank Platform Releases Portfolio Tracker: Uniswap on Top

CryptoRank Platform Releases Portfolio Tracker: Uniswap on Top


The crypto market data aggregator CryptoRank Platform shared on Twitter its portfolio tracker to track all the funds and NFTs of major DAO Treasuries.

The DAO treasury is the pool of funds that are stored for the growth and establishment of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). The previous day, the crypto trading platform Binance announced on their news platform Binance Feed the total Assets Under Management (AUM) for DAO treasuries:

According to stats gathered by DeepDAo, out of 10,863 DAOs commanding a total treasury of $11.3b, only 2,311 DAOs have significant assets under management, with just 123 managing over $1m. Over 9.3m were cast for over 94k decisions, which is far from evenly distributed.

As per the current details provided by CryptoRank Platform, Uniswap, the leading decentralized exchange has a total of $2,694,523,559, stored in the form of 422 million UNI governance tokens.

The DAO in the second highest position regarding the treasuries is BitDAO, with $2,213,366,200 treasuries stored in the form of BIT, ETH, USDC, and USDT; 3.13 M BIT, 269 K ETH, 235 M USDC, and 74 M USDT.

Notably, the Ethereum token ENS takes the third leading position having $1,061,355,467 treasury as 72.6M ENS, 40.8K ETH, 5.5M USDC, and 2.7M DAI. In the next position is Gnosis, the first Ethereum sidechain. It has a treasury of $740,402,489 stored as 7.1M GNO, 4.1K WSTETH,4.4K STETH, 916 ETH, and 19.3M PNK.

In the line, Lido and Frax the well-known DAOs share the fifth and sixth position, holding $308,287,369 and $244,805,974 respectively. For Lido, the treasury is stored in the form of LDO, ETH, DAI, STETH, and MATIC. In the case of Frax, FXS, FPIS, and FRAX form the treasury.


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