Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Announces Listing of Mina

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Announces Listing of Mina

America’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase took to Twitter to announce the listing of the cryptocurrency MINA powered by Mina Protocol.

Overview of MINA

Cryptocurrency MINA is a layer one blockchain with the objective of being featherweight, privacy shielded, and seamlessly verifiable. With MINA, developers can construct privacy shielded smart contracts and decentralized applications on the basis of zero-knowledge proofs.  The token is utilized to create accounts and pay for transactions. Additionally, to validate transactions and process computation, owners of MINA cryptocurrency can stake directly on the network. 

MINA Raises Millions

The blockchain protocol token came in the news earlier this month for raising a whopping $92 million in a token sale from leading crypto exchange firms including Three Arrows Capital, FTX Ventures,, Pantera Capital, and many others. 

Coinbase Adds Support to Mina

Post the news of Coinbase listing Mina, the price of the cryptocurrency has spiked suddenly by 78.3 percent along with the strong selling volume the token has garnered. Now, users can purchase Mina from any region where Coinbase is available with quick, easy, and secure steps.


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