Cardano: What Happened in 2022? IOG Shares Highlights of Landmark Year

Cardano: What Happened in 2022? IOG Shares Highlights of Landmark Year


Despite the negative events seen in the crypto space, Cardano no doubt saw growth and development in 2022.

According to the Cardano builder IOG, 2022 has been a landmark year for the Cardano ecosystem, thanks to its vibrant and dedicated community.

2022 was a landmark year for the #Cardano ecosystem, and it was all because of you, the community. A global movement of developers, entrepreneurs & artists built new solutions, businesses, and experiences on rock-solid foundations. 1/

— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) December 30, 2022

In a thread of tweets, IOG reflects on what happened in the Cardano ecosystem in 2022, while looking forward to the age of Voltaire in 2023. According to it, 2022 began with a drive toward the Vasil upgrade, named after Vasil St. Dabov, one of Cardano’s ambassadors.

On Sept. 22, the Vasil hard fork upgrade was triggered on the Cardano mainnet, while Vasil capabilities were deployed five days later on Sept. 27. Vasil brought an increase to Cardano’s performance and scalability, enhancing the network’s capabilities.

Also in the year, the Cardano community and business builders came together from around the globe to gather at a host of events. Two community-organized events, the cNFT conference and the Rare Bloom event held in the fall of 2022, had several people in attendance. At the Rare Bloom event, IOG’s light wallet platform designed to unlock Web3 was introduced.

In August, Input Output Global (IOG) announced its partnership with the prestigious Stanford University to fund blockchain research. In a celebrated feat, the Cardano builder unveiled its funding of a new $4.5 million “Blockchain Research Hub” at Stanford University.

IOG said it closed out the year with the IO ScotFest event in Edinburgh, where the Edinburgh Decentralization Index was launched as part of a drive to add greater transparency and inclusive accountability to the decentralized technology space. Also, Midnight, a new data protection-focused Cardano sidechain, was introduced during the event.

IOG took a moment to offer wishes for the New Year and added that in 2023, an enhanced governance system within a new member-based organization will provide enhanced frameworks for the continuing development of Cardano.


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