Building Access To Bitcoin For Everyone Featuring SeedSigner

Building Access To Bitcoin For Everyone Featuring SeedSigner

SeedSigner joins this week’s episode of “Meet The Taco Plebs” to discuss making Bitcoin more accessible for everyone.

When I invited SeedSigner on to talk about his project, I was hoping to discuss all the cool technical aspects, his ideas for the future and Bitcoin 2022. While we touched on all of these awesome things, what I found really compelling in our conversation was the guiding principles of the project SeedSigner highlighted. To be frank, I didn’t expect this podcast to be so profound!

Having access to Bitcoin, an open monetary network that does not debase your wealth, is a human right. Many countries or jurisdictions may stifle the Bitcoin industry, making it impossible for some people to acquire hardware wallets that are otherwise common in the world. This project is an example of open-source software and engineering coming together to provide ever-increasing access to Bitcoin.

SeedSigner highlighted the importance of providing access to custody solutions that prioritize the DIY, verifiable and transparent aspects of hardware and software. While he did say that the project could potentially have a prefabricated version of the hardware that would increase scalability and minimize self assembly, there are no solid plans for this now, as the full attention remains on the DIY side of things.

One thing that stuck out to me from the conversation was his highlighting of the importance of fungibility and privacy. The two go hand in hand — if certain UTXOs are being labeled as criminal, those UTXOs must be subject to scrutiny that would deem them so. We also discussed if he thought CoinJoin and other similar privacy implementations are the key to this.

Of course, I can’t help but ask our current guests about Bitcoin 2022 — especially considering SeedSigner will be speaking there! If you haven’t already, please check out his article on his experience at Bitcoin 2021. In it, he details how it was his first real Bitcoin gathering, introducing his project and more.

SeedSigner expressed his desire to continue to discuss his project with other people at Bitcoin 2022, but also, to finally catch up on all the other projects and happenings in the industry that seem to be flying by. I can fully relate to this feeling.

Make sure to check out the entire podcast and follow SeedSigner on Twitter for more updates on this project. And of course, I hope to see you all in Miami!


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