Bitcoin Will Stay as the Best Digital Store; Predicts Dan Held

Bitcoin Will Stay as the Best Digital Store; Predicts Dan Held


Dan Held, the Canadian ice hockey player, and the “bitcoin rationalist”, recently shared his predictions on Bitcoin for 2023. He predicted that the coin will continue to be “the best digital store of value ever created”.

Notably, on December 27, Dan Held tweeted that bitcoin has the most credible monetary policy on the planet:

2/ Bitcoin will continue to be the best digital store of value ever created, allowing people to store a money with the most credible monetary policy on the planet, is extremely difficult to seize, and can be transmitted anywhere without censorship.

— Dan Held (@danheld) December 27, 2022

In 2013, Dan Held launched a bitcoin data app called ZeroBlock, which led to him becoming an active bitcoin investor. Afterward, he co-founded The Picks & Shovels in 2017, an investing strategy platform for crypto.

Significantly, his eight years of experience with digital assets made him become the Head and the Director of Growth Marketing at Kraken, one of the leading and popular crypto exchanges.

Once, during his initial stages with bitcoin, Dan Held told that bitcoin is “gold 2.0”:

Bitcoin is solving the biggest problem in the economy: storing value. It’s gold 2.0. It’s a better hedge against inflation, supply is known and capped, and it’s easily stored and transferred.

Interestingly, he continued to hold his beliefs in bitcoin. Though he said in 2021, that the price of the coin could go to $1 million”, mostly because of the severe crypto winter that shook the whole crypto space, his words are yet to be proven.

In In addition, he predicted the massive growth of bitcoin since its inception, as people began finding “more meaning building on top of DeFi”. While talking about the inflection point of both crypto and bitcoin, he said:

I think there’s going to be this renaissance in the Bitcoin DeFi world. Right now, DeFi is not synonymous with Bitcoin, and most people think those two words don’t really go together.

Corroborating his previous words, “Bitcoin is what I care about”, still Dan Held continues to make positive predictions about the development of bitcoin, currently claiming that people will see bitcoin as the best store that allows users to transmit money safely without any censorship.


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