Biion Footwear Enters Metaverse; Collabs With Doodles NFT Art – CoinQuora

Biion Footwear Enters Metaverse; Collabs With Doodles NFT Art - CoinQuora

Biion Footwear, an ethical shoe company, has announced that it will join the metaverse bandwagon through a collaboration with Doodles NFT Art. Through this partnership, Biion will launch two limited-edition shoes.

Biion Footwear Is Entering the Metaverse With Limited-Edition Doodles NFT Shoes

— base layer (@baselayerso) April 4, 2022

This will allow users to purchase 222 pairs of digital Biion x NFT Doodles Paradise sneakers, which work on the Polyon Blockchain. Furthermore, people can get a physical pair of shoes, if they purchase the NFT digital art token.

In detail, once the 222 NFT pairs are sold out, Biion will bring 2,400 real-life pairs of the Biion x NFT Doodles Classic Paradise trainer. These are physically produced to sell to the general public; this sale will take place on April 18.

To note, the NFT Doodle collection will be unveiled on April 8 on the Biion Footwear website — Fans around the world can buy the NFT collection using crypto or credit cards.

Launched in 2014, Biion Shoes became a prominent name in the golf industry. The company also produces a wide collection of shoes used for boating and travel. They also have a line of footwear for medical professionals.

Meanwhile, Doodles includes a collection of 10,000 NFTs that display several exciting visual traits. These are designed by Burnt Toast. An individual can own a doodle and vote on community-driven features, products, and features. Also, the Doodles have hand-drawn works and dozens of rare heads, colorways, and costumes.


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