Bad Actor Leaving Makes Ecosystem More Decentralized: Solana Co-Founder

Bad Actor Leaving Makes Ecosystem More Decentralized: Solana Co-Founder


Amid the Solana crisis, Cofounder Raj Gokal believes that every bad actor leaving this ecosystem makes it even more decentralized.Early today, Gokal tweeted:

Past couple of years, Solana’s otherwise passionate community was infected with mercenaries and grifters. Like a bad virus, they needed to be killed. Fevers are painful, but you’re glad when they break quickly. Every bad actor washing out of this ecosystem makes it more decentralized.

Recently, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko said that even though there is a clear bear market, people do show up at crypto events like BreakPoint.

Yakovenko added that crypto projects are still building and growing. He further asserted that over the next year, crypto products launching would be ‘more than all the other years combined’.

Solana (SOL) has seen a sharp fall of nearly 95% year-to-date and is trading at $9.41, at the time of writing. It was last in February 2021, that the crypto traded less than $10.

Gokal’s positive views on Solana come during the crucial backdrop of the recent collapse of crypto exchange FTX which was the major Venture Capital for the blockchain. Additionally, the number of Solana outages is one of the factors that have fuelled investors’ apprehensions toward the crypto. There were many speculations on Twitter about Solana soon turning irrelevant like EOS.

But troubles for the blockchain mounted again when two NFT projects built on Solana – including DeGods and y00ts shifted to Ethereum and Polygon respectively. In fact, right after the DeGods and y00ts announced the shift, the projects witnessed a jump in their volume.


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