BabyDoge Holders Can Now Shop Online With Singapore Based Web3 Payment Gateway

BabyDoge Holders Can Now Shop Online With Singapore Based Web3 Payment Gateway

BabyDoge Has Now Real World Use Case as Singapore Based Web3 Payment Gateway Adds Support For Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge).

PayBolt, a web3 crypto payment gateway for commerce that is lightning fast and rewarding, declared via tweet that they had added support to one of the most popular meme coins of Binance Smart Chain – Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge).

PayBolt has given BabyDoge a real-world use case. This means that from now onwards, BabyDoge holders would be able to buy real things like coffee, dinner, clothes, electronics, gadgets, or anything they need in exchange for BabyDoge tokens using PayBolt’s system.

Before adding Babydoge, PayBolt has added similar support to Shiba Inu (SHIB), one of the most popular tokens of the Ethereum network.

PayBolt is a Web3 cross-chain crypto payment ecosystem built exclusively for commerce. The crypto payment gateway takes payment in the form of crypto from the customers; then, the payment is delivered to the merchants without the need for independent third parties such as trustees, processors, clearinghouses, exchanges, and settlement organizations to verify and validate the information.

PayBolt uses its native PAY token with bridging cross-chain capabilities to ensure lightning-fast transactions. PAY token is deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20).

Moreover, the company is on a mission to empower 1 million merchants and 100 billion dollars in transaction volume through its cryptocurrency payment ecosystem by the end of 2025.


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