An Azuki NFT Records Highest Ever Sale

An Azuki NFT Records Highest Ever Sale

The anime-inspired NFT (non-fungible token) avatar collection, Azuki reportedly sold the second-rarest NFT in the highest sale ever.  The NFT named Azuki #9605 is known as the second-rarest member of the Azuki NFT collectibles, which were bought by a user for 420.7 ETH, which is more than $1 million on the leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea. 

How Did Azuki Become So Popular?

Following pioneers like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Azuki is known to garner users through several factors. Being the first anime-themed NFT project, it didn’t take too long to build up a fandom.  Secondly, the team of Azuki is well-versed in big tech and DeFi as well. Azuki is also involved in novel initiatives such as physical good drop and DAO exploration.  Azuki NFT collections comprise 10,000 collectibles that give owners of the NFTs access to The Garden – a perfect destination to see the fusion of art, community, and culture 


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