Algorand (ALGO) Strengthens Its Presence in P2E as Cosmic Champs Goes Live

Algorand (ALGO) Strengthens Its Presence in P2E as Cosmic Champs Goes Live

While major GameFi-centric platforms Ethereum (ETH) and BNB Chain (BNB) reached their limits in terms of scalabilty, a new generation of smart contracts platforms comes to the rescue. Here’s how Algorand’s Pure-Proof-of-Stake (PPoS) solves the crucial issues of the segment.

Cosmic Champs game goes live on Algorand (ALGO) platform

In Q1, 2022, Algorand’s ecosystem of play-to-earn products is on fire: blockchain-based titles publish their releases here and there. Cosmic Champs is among the most technically advanced game designs on Algorand (ALGO) so far.

As per a recent interview by Cosmic Champs founder Matty Blanchard, Algorand is set to become a leading smart contracts platform for decentralized gaming in 2022 due to its combination of decentralization, security and high performance.

Technically, a low-cost NFT minting option is one more killing feature of Algorand (ALGO): NFTs represent digital ownership in on-chain games and, therefore, should be considered a backbone element of GameFi tokenomics.

Mr. Blanchard added that Algorand (ALGO) is among the most environmentally friendly smart contracts platforms of the Web3 scene in 2022:

Thanks to Algorand’s Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) consensus mechanics, Algorand-based P2E games have a much lower carbon footprint than P2E games that are powered by other leading blockchains.

Cosmic Champs’ game design boasts five core types of NFTs, including Champs, Ships, Planets, Treasures and Utilities (e.g., spells and buildings). Their combination supercharges exciting gameplay and amazes GameFi enthusiasts with unmatched opportunities to play and earn.

Introducing COSG, a native token of next-gen P2E

Mr. Blanchard stresses that all in-game transactions in Alogrand-based games, including Cosmic Champs, are authorized by blockchain wallets, therefore being 100% transparent and visible:

Transparency is essential to build trust within the community. Cosmic Champs is a community first game, and we have many exciting features on our development roadmap to ensure that playing Cosmic Champs is a rewarding experience that connects and grows the Algorand ecosystem.

COSG, a core native cryptocurrency of Cosmic Champs, is another building block of its economic design. COSG is integrated into numerous GameFi structures: it serves as a reward instrument for Cosmic Champs, it can be staked and so on.

Also, it is accepted on the native NFT marketplace and will be utilized as a DAO voting instrument.

With DAO-powered governance and multi-product design, Cosmic Champs will evolve into a full-stack gaming Metaverse on Algorand, Mr. Blanchard adds.


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