a16z Crypto Releases Ethereum Light Client Helios

a16z Crypto Releases Ethereum Light Client Helios


a16z Crypto announced the debut of Helios, a Rust-based Ethereum Light client that offers entirely trustless access to Ethereum. It synchronizes in about two seconds, needs no storage, and enables users to view safe chain data from any device, including smartphones and browser extensions, with the same capability as a processing core. https://twitter.com/NoahCitron/status/1589739389545914368 Helios securely connects two levels, unlike the majority of clients, so that users only require to install and execute one piece of software.

Helios Consensus Layer Connection to RPC

The Rust-based Ethereum Light client consensus layer connects to an unsecured RPC (remote procedure call) and utilizes a previously identified beacon chain blockhash to certifiable sync to the most recent block. The Helios execution layer works in conjunction with the authenticated beacon chain blocks and an unsecured execution layer RPC. These parts work together to provide users with a fully trustless RPC without the requirement to operate a complete node.


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