820% Passive Crypto Income on ZIL, WAVES and ADA Cardano Farms

820% Passive Crypto Income on ZIL, WAVES and ADA Cardano Farms

Bitcoin may have bottomed out in recent days. And we know Bitcoin leads the market. But really, market conditions are still choppy. Choppy means non-trending. Directionless. And in these non-trending markets, it’s clear that we want more Passive Income. And so do you.

We appreciate all the great comments we’ve gotten in this series. So we are back for some more great yield farming opportunities. All are on new protocols we have not covered before. Sorry Anchor, Trader Joe, and Pangolin fans. We still love those apps but we are looking for someplace new this week. Let’s check out this week’s best Passive Crypto Income opportunities. 

Farm #1: ZIL-BLOX on Zilswap

The first Passive Crypto Income option is Zilliqa. This is becoming a big player in the metaverse. They have a cool metaverse-as-a-service platform called Metapolis. It’s also a bigger project than you might think. It’s worth $2.2 billion making it the 63rd largest project in crypto.

Note: This pool pays 42% now and pays it in ZWAP, which we suggest you convert to more ZETH. These rewards and your extra BLOX you should convert into ZETH or more ZIL.

Farm #2: WAVES-USDN on Waves Exchange

The second  Passive Crypto Income option is Waves say it’s the fastest decentralized trading exchange for Bitcoin. The exchange is also home to Neutrino and its algorithmic stablecoins. USDN is one. It works in tandem with the WAVES token to mint and burns to maintain its peg-like LUNA and UST.

So here on Waves exchange, we have the native coin and the stablecoin it supports. The farm pays 36% in our video and it’s already down to 27.5%, which is still an excellent return. TVL is $15.1 million so this one is much larger than our first farm. Rewards from this pool pay in WX, the Exchange token.

Therefore, in this article, you see that you have 3 options to sign up to get an account on Waves.

  1. Email
  2. Ledger or Waves Keeper wallet 
  3. Or downloadable software wallet.

Moreover, we chose to get and use the Waves Keeper wallet. It has a Chrome extension you can get for convenience. Before we get to our preferred yield enhancement technique for this pool, you can see there is a Reward APY listed in this pool of 10.5%-31.6%. That reward APY is a bonus yield if you also stake the Wave Exchange token WX.


This is a different token than the WAVES token. Stake it and you earn a bonus based on how long you stake WX. If you are going to stake, we recommend you do so for 1 year or less for a few different reasons.

How to Increase Your Yields on Waves Exchange

On this pool, we recommend you sell your WX reward for USDN. You can single side stake USDN on WAVES for 12-15% with no risk of impermanent loss. We see this as a low-risk way to bump up your yield. Plus your USDN is ready for any great buying opportunity.

Farm #3: USDC-USDT on MuesliSwap

The last  Passive Crypto Income option is MuesliSwap, we have a farming pair we are always on the lookout for 2 stablecoins. In this case, it’s USDC and USDT. Milkomeda is a Cardano chain that is EVM compatible and that’s the chain where this farm is on MuesliSwap.

Also, the MYIELD pool is the most aggressive but any of these 3 options can help bump up your yield.


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